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Special Sale Items

for December 14    

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JL021 JL021 Set of 5 Make Your Own Big Book, Blank
Make your own Big Books on large 12" w x 18" h pages made of our high quality 70# heavy white paper, for writing your own stories in the Big Book format. 24 blank pages. JL021 is a set of ...
Special Price Today Only!
MV474 MV474 Headset For Toobaloo
Hands-free headset for use with the MV321 Toobaloo . Frees up both hands to hold a book and turn pages. Dishwasher safe.
Special Price Today Only!
GL008 GL008 Double Sided Fine Adhesive Dot Roller 1/3" X 49ft
This dispenser lets you cleanly put down a 1/3 inch wide stripe of fine double-sided glue dots. Roll is 49 feet long with refills available for the dispenser (see GL009).
Special Price Today Only!
BC009 BC009 Smart Cover II 5pk 7-1/2"x10"
Smart Cover II Book Covers! Turn thin paperback books into hardcovers in seconds. Crystal clear, heavy duty 15 mil polyester cover panels with flexible 2 mil spine. Easy to apply and adjust to any book ...
Special Price Today Only!
TL019 TL019 DN Rubber Dot Tactile Letters LC
The same tactile letter cards as our best-selling manuscript style in D'Nealian style. The bumpy texture gives better tactile sensation than other tactile letters, and is not scratchy like sandpaper. Set ...
Special Price Today Only!
SF004 SF004 Mobile File Organizer With 6 File Pockets
This unique patented design hanging organizer is a big improvement over the usual storage for file folders on the go. It folds into its own carrying brief case with full flap cover, secure latch and handle. ...
Special Price Today Only!
TL016 TL016 Rubber Dot Tactile Letters LC
Set of 26 tactile letters on sturdy plastic coaded cardstock, Bumpy rubber polka-dotted letters provide a very effective tingly sensation when tracing the shapes of the letters with a finger, not at all ...
Special Price Today Only!
ER013 ER013 Mini Magnetic Foam Eraser, set of 3
Made of lightweight contoured foam, with felt erasing surface. Works on both dry-erase and chalk boards. A strong magnet holds it to your magnetic-receptive board. Set of 3 erasers, each measures 1-1/4" ...
Special Price Today Only!
HT013 HT013 Economy Roll Removable Highlighter Tape, 1/2" x 720"
Highlighter Tape in a new economy size roll! 83% more tape for only a 40% increase in price. Highlighter Tape lets you temporarily highlight a sentence, a word, or even just part of a word in your ...
Special Price Today Only!
ML135 ML135 D'Nealian Letter Sounds Extension Set Blends and Digraphs
Made to match our popular ML087 and ML097 D'Nealian Magnetic Letter sets. Includes 3-letter blends, medial vowels, "r" controller sounds and silent "e" pieces. The white connection ...
Special Price Today Only!
ML147 ML147 Magnetic Foam High Frequency Word Tiles
Magnetic foam high frequency word tiles with 6 blank tiles 1-1/4" high by 2-1/4" wide, Black type on yellow foam, 154 sight words. The entire back side is magnetic, so they won't slip on your ...
Special Price Today Only!
MS005 MS005 Word Windows, Set of 12
This bookmark sized film strip, 7" by 1-1/2" has a black background with 2 clear 1/4" high windows, one for words and one for sentences. Use the small window as a mask to isolate a single ...
Special Price Today Only!
ABC103 ABC103 Alphabet Bean Bags
26 bean bags with Upper Case letters on one side and the Lower Case letter on the other. Letters are embroidered with red vowels and blue consonants. Comes in a convenient drawstring bag for storage.
Special Price Today Only!
MV222 MV222 Picture Words Flash Cards
Each deck contains 56 durable two-sided cards, 3-1/8" x 5-1/4". All feature photos of actual objects and flip to the word on the back. Economical, easy quick sorting with a rounded corner.
Special Price Today Only!
RS032 RS032 Jumbo Alphabet Stamps, Lower Case
These high-quality rubber stamps with easy-to-grasp handles are the perfect size for little hands. The printed letter is approximately 1" high. Children can stamp alphabet sequences, words, and sentences. ...
Special Price Today Only!
CN001 CN001 Translucent Counters, pack of 250
Multi-colored see-through plastic counter chips are 3/4" diameter disks. Can be used on tabletop or on overhead projector for counting, sorting, and pattern activities. Use them for drawing letters ...
Special Price Today Only!
MB009 MB009 Magnetic Dry-Erase Board, 9"x12"
This wooden-framed magnetic wipe-off markerboard lets you use both dry-erase wipe-off markers and magnetic letters on the same magnetic white board surface. For best results, use low-odor dry-erase markers ...
Special Price Today Only!
NT001 NT001 Removable Note Tape, 1-7/8" w/Dispenser
Note Tape is wide fluorescent-colored highlighter tape with removable adhesive. It's great for highlighting passages or whole paragraphs in your books, and is especially good for use with large-print ...
Special Price Today Only!
PC20090 PC20090 Mini Pocket Chart, 6 pockets, 28" x 27"
This 6 pocket mini-sized chart measures 28"w x 27"h. The pocket chart has clear pockets and a colored nylon backing, in your choice of 4 colors instead of just the usual blue. Grommets across ...
Special Price Today Only!
PC40001 PC40001 Making Words Pocket Chart
This durable 100% nylon pocket chart features six extra deep (3-3/4") pockets to prevent items from falling out. This pocket chart is also perfect for holding small books, student made books and ...
Special Price Today Only!
PT003 PT003 Magnetic 24" Telescoping Pointer
Pointer looks like a pen and pulls out to a 24" length. The strong magnet allows you to pick up objects with the pointer, or to stick the pointer to your magnetic board to keep it handy.
Special Price Today Only!
SP009 SP009 Refill Ink for MSV Stamp
Special ink for re-inking our RS014 MSV pre-inked stamps. Only a few drops are needed to re-ink a stamp for thousands more stampings, so one small 6cc bottle of ink will be plenty for a long time. To ...
Special Price Today Only!
WK005 WK005 Magnetic Activity Box
This solid wood tote box measures 11-1/2" x 10-1/2" x 2-5/8", and features a magnetic dry erase surface on one side and a non-magnetic markerboard on the other, which doubles as a sliding ...
Special Price Today Only!


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