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Delta Sand (from the makers of Moon Sand)

Amazing DeltaSand® can be molded like wet sand for a fun tactile learning experience. Originally designed for sculptors in Sweden, moldable Delta Sand is also ideal for classroom use.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: the makers of Original Delta Sand and Moon Sand, Delta of Sweden, have started selling this product in stores as "Moon Sand", and have renamed their lightweight product, formerly called Moon Sand, to be now known as "Delta Sand".

Don't be confused by their confusing reversal of the names! Original Delta Sand is the same weight and density as regular beach sand. It is heavy, and is sold in 5-pound bags. The other product, now sold as "Delta Sand" (note it is missing the word "Original"), is the lightweight molding compound, and is sold in 2-pound bags.

Whether it's called "Original Delta Sand" or "Moon Sand", this is the heavier weight, denser product. It looks and feels just like wet beach sand. It's perfect for use in the classroom and in literacy centers!

  • Spread flat and trace letters and words using your finger or a stylus, or shape into letters using our alphabet molds.

  • After making shapes with DeltaSand or stamping with an alphabet mold, you can bake DeltaSand in a 250 degree oven and the shape will harden and can be painted. Just reheat Delta Sand in the oven and crumble while warm and it becomes reusable, moldable sand again.
  • Non-toxic, never dries out, nothing to wear out.
  • Sanitize DeltaSand by spraying a mist of a spoonful of chlorine bleach mixed in a quart of water, and let air dry before use.

Original Delta Sand® is an exciting and unique product for tactile learning!

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